As a world-class designer and manufacturer of products that protect people, secure property and guarantee our clients’ safety and security objectives, Safetech Hardware develops unique engineering solutions for every client.

We specialise in innovative patented hardware products, assemblies and components. These include gate latches, safety locks, pool gate latches or heavy-duty hinges, self-closing hinges for gates made from aluminium, vinyl, timber and wrought iron, and other gate or fence hardware.

Safetech Hardware helps to keep your family safe by taking these devices from concept to concrete reality. Our company has its own research and development centre where we pioneer innovations using the latest technologies to create the safest, most secure hardware devices on the market.


Our revolutionary gate and fence hardware products are tested in-house. They are also tested by NATA-accredited quality control laboratories, which are independent and world-recognised facilities.

This ensures each of our products passes the highest and most rigorous international standards in safety, quality, durability and strength.

Our three-pronged approach to quality control includes:

Providing Certified Quality Systems across the entire assembly lineUsing high-tech quality control equipmentCreating and fostering a culture of quality in all staff and business operations.

Safetech Hardware products use stainless steel components, fibre reinforced polymer, bind-free operation. They are UV stabilised and rust-free.

Our R&D department stands apart from its industry peers as we design products that have a solutions rather than sales focus. Our team designs, manufactures and supplies the safest leading-edge hardware products that truly make a difference for our clients around the globe.